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Made in Slavutych:

It will consist in all Slavutych inhabitants receiving an invitation from Kateřina Šedá so that to contribute to a joint cultural event in the Czech Republic.
For that purpose, they will fill in a visa application and will officially submit it, together with two photographs, on 3 June 2017 at the Slavutych Town Day. This action will be among the high points of the Town Day celebrations that have a long tradition there. There will be a draw selecting one Slavutych inhabitant out of each hundred submitted applications, who will obtain an official invitation from the Czech Republic and whose costs of travel and stay will be fully taken in charge.
Any Slavutych inhabitant can take part in the action, even if they do not have a passport or a sufficient amount of money on their account. The artist has invited all inhabitants to fill in the forms with true data, however absurd they may be, or even preventing to officially obtain the visa. If someone for instance doesn’t have a passport, they should fill in the respective box with the words DON’T HAVE, or cross it out.
  • You can pick up visa application forms at your workplace or in the Made in Slavutych office, address Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor).

    Visa application form sample

     Download Application Form
    Instructions for completing the application form
  • You can get photographed free of charge in our photo studio, address Central Square, 3 («Lyuks», 2nd floor). Please glue one photo in the form to be submitted on 3 June 2017 at the Slavutych Town Day, and keep the second one for the case that your travelling to the Czech Republic really takes place.
  • Detailed information on the project will regularly appear in the local TV on the project website: www.madeinslavutych.org

Top five the most typical questions

  1. How and where is it possible to receive the form and example of a filled out questionnaire?
     - You can get a visa application form at your workplace with the photo. And at the office by the address Centralna ploshcha, 3 ("Люкс", І floor), also on the website madeinslavutych.org and at office "Made in Slavutych" (Druzhby narodiv, 7).
  2. How can housewives and elderly people get the visa application?
     - We will organize team of volunteers, which work directly with housewives and elderly people. Our volunteers will carry visa applications and will help to fill them out correctly.
  3. Can the person who won the trip, but doesn’t want to go to the Czech Republic (as he or she just wanted to help the city get into the Guinness Book of Record), regift it to someone?
     - Yes, of course, it will be possible. But who will miss an opportunity to go to the Czech Republic?
  4. If I can not visit the City Day(03.06.2017), how can I apply?
     - If for some reason you can not come to the celebration of the City Day and apply for a visa, you can do this in some different ways, for example:
           a) send the signed and executed application by to your friends;
           b) earlier by to our volunteers in the office Made in Slavutych;
           c) bring it to 3 Central Square ("Lux" 1 floor).
  5. What for? I won't win, anyway.
     - Everyone has a chance to win.
     - Remember, the more applications submitted, the more chances to win a trip to the Czech Republic. But most importantly, you have a chance and an excellent opportunity to help your city to get into the Guinness Book of Records and give Slavutych a lot of positive emotions and much more.


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Letter from Kateřina Šedá

Through this project, I want to wake people up from their lethargy. I want to make them believe that it is possible to create something together, that cooperation is not worthless and that it will bring results. Today, people are unfortunately much less active than they used to be, and it is much more difficult to capture their interest in one common goal. However, I still believe it’s possible – not only in Slavutych or my home neighbourhood of Líšeň, but anywhere in the world. The only thing you need is a place-specific solution.
In Slavutych, I decided to do something that might come across as rather strange: helping the town into the Guinness Book of World Records. Exactly how this will happen is up to the locals – the only condition is that it has to be something they have in common, so that the record is really and truly their own. A real record certified by Guinness World Records. A record that will make Slavutych known to the book’s fans all over the world. A record that will allow the town to inspire other towns and cities, to let them know that doing something together is still worth it.
Kateřina Šedá
Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)