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Made In Slavutych Press release

The Czech artist Kateřina Šedá has announced the final schedule of her next action that she has been preparing in the Ukrainian town of Slavutych for nearly two years. Ilya Makarov is the winner of the competition for the most inspirational record, which will introduce Slavutych to the Guinness Book of Records. Slavutych inhabitants will try to submit together the biggest ever visa application of all times.
Monday, 6 March 2017, Slavutych townhall. At a press conference, Slavutych people have been informed what would be the climax of the action Made in Slavutych. Kateřina Šedá, author of the project, has announced the name of the winner who inspired the way through which Slavutych will be introduced to the Guinness Book of Records.
Four Slavutych people have made it to the run-off of the competition: Ilya Makarov (the record Slavutych the director), Polina Delikatna (the record Subbotnik), Kateryna Gonchar (the record Bring the light) and Alexander Krolikovsky (the record Hug the city). All of them made videos in which they have explained their proposals and suggested how to realize them.
The records proposals are available at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxhyDblqTqmLcpVWYew57w26AC6eX_Sxv Ilya Makarov and his vision have won the competition.
Kateřina Šedá commented on the winning project: “It arose from the two years of preparation that we have dedicated to the action. Because of the town history the main idea of the record should stimulate local inhabitants to look at the future. The record mustn’t have a merely local character, as was often the case with the proposals; in fact, it should touch in a relevant manner also the present situation in Ukraine and the problems faced by its inhabitants and the country as a whole. Among the most urgent ones, recurring in the debate like a boomerang, was the situation concerning EU access visas and difficulties in obtaining them. The Ukrainians have to pass through a humiliating and time-consuming process, which furthermore seems to be useless. It gradually became obvious that this is a truly societal theme, and people keep being comforted in vain by the government that the situation will definitely change within half-a-year’s time.”
It is specifically the theme of crossing borders and the relating insurmountable problems that will best reflect, in the form of a record, the situation not only in Slavutych, but in the entire country. The main idea of the record is to make THE BIGGEST EVER GROUP VISA APPLICATION. It will consist in all Slavutych inhabitants receiving an invitation from Kateřina Šedá so that to contribute to a joint cultural event in the Czech Republic. For that purpose, they will fill in a visa application and will officially submit it, together with two photographs, on 3 June 2017 at the Slavutych Town Day. This action will be among the high points of the Day celebrations that have a long tradition there. Although the invitation is real, the main purpose of the action is not to travel abroad, but primarily to show an essential image of present-day Ukraine, and to attempt to modify it like this.
Intense preparations of the event, in the course of which inhabitants will get to know all the details, will begin as of 1 April 2017. There will be advertising materials available in town, a Made in Slavutych office will be open, and new information will regularly appear in the local TV on the project website: www.madeinslavutych.org
Partners of the action are the Town of Slavutych, Festival 86 and the Czech Centre Kiev.
Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)