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Interview with the three most honored winners

The Made in Slavutych project unites and opens people to each other. Meet the three most honored winners who will go to the Czech Republic in October!
Valentyna Knyshevych, 79 years old, worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature, now retired. Among her hobbies are knitting, sports, tourist trips, also she’s an active Internet user.
- About my life. My husband was born in Ukraine, but it happened so, that he worked in Russia for a long time. Once he went on vacation to his homeland, he called me and said: “I’ve already got a job at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and I’m waiting for you and children here!” That’s how we moved to the city of Prypyat, and after the accident in 1986, we came to Slavutych. My husband worked at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant for 30 years, he loved his job, he was very concerned and worried a lot about all the consequences of the accident, because his colleagues died then...

Nina Chuhunova, 77 years old, worked as an engineer, now retired. Among her hobbies are drawing, handicraft, and gardening.
- About my life. My husband was born in Ukraine but entered the university in Russia. So, after the graduation, we went to distant Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Russia). When the construction of the Chernobyl station was launched, we arrived in the city of Prypyat, because my husband was a nuclear scientist, and at the time of the accident in 1986 he was already the head of the second reactor shop. After the accident at the ChNPP, my husband was ill for a long time, because he received a large dose of radiation. When he recovered, he could not sit idle – so we went to the Minsk NPP (Belarus), which had just begun to be built. But our ChNPP ‘called’ us back, and as a result, we returned to Kyiv and eventually moved to the young city of Slavutych. My husband was the only person who returned to work after such a severe radiation illness, all his colleagues died then... I miss my husband very much – he’s already dead, but I have a son, who is 45 years old, his work is also related to nuclear power.
Lidiya Malysheva, 78 years old, worked as an engineering technician, now retired. Her hobbies are handicraft and embroidery.

- About my life. My life was uneasy – both my sons died prematurely. Both elder Yevhen and younger Pavlo died while saving people but in different circumstances. My husband died, too... He worked at the ChNPP for 25 years, and before that, we lived for a while in Russia, then in Odessa (Ukraine). Then, in 1977, we moved to Prypyat, which was still being built. My husband was an electrical protection engineer, he was seized by the might of a new power plant, and I took children and just went where he was, where his work was. I think my husband is a historical figure because he launched the first block of the ChNPP.


Aryna Starovoytova,
Local Coordinator of the project “Made in Slavutych”

Olena Diachuk,
Photographer of the project “Made in Slavutych”

Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)