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Made in Slavutych: a trip to the Czech Republic (Brno)

As it known, the main lottery which a group of residents after applying for a visa is waiting for a trip to the Czech Republic with the cost of travel and accommodation! This is an excellent opportunity to find more the Czech Republic and discover new opportunities. While traveling you can enrich your knowledge, get to know about the architecture of the Czech Republic and Europe, visit cultural events and enjoy Czech cuisine. You can not only enrich culturally, but also get experience in communication with people of other nationalities, show the Ukraine culture and make your own contribution in to the cultural unification of two nations. Why Brno? Brno is a Moravian historic center and the biggest city after Prague. 600 000 people live in this city. There is the residence of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Supreme Court, Supreme Administrative Court and others.
Brno is also an important educational center of the Czech Republic as it has more than one hundred thousand students at thirty four departments in thirteen universities. Cycling and motorsports competitions MotoGP are hold every year in Brno. The city has a big variety of sport clubs, plays an important role in maintenance and development of Czech sport. Every year the festival of fireworks named Ignis Brunensis ,with more than 180 thousand visitors per day is hold there. Moreover, festival of European cinema also takes place in Brno alongside various music festivals and other cultural and sport events. Brno looks like city of ancient and modern art. You can see a lot of interesting cultural sites - Tugendhat Villa (Vila Tugendhat), which is enrolled in the list of UNESCO monuments, Shpilberh Castle (hrad Špilberk), Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul (katedrála sv.Petra a Pavla ) Veverzhi castle (hrad Veveří). Also there is maze of medieval passages and crypts under the Zelnym bazaar in Europe. One of the modern works of art is clockwork located in Liberty Square, which looks like a sleeve. Geographically the city is located in wooded hills, a big part of the city is covered by forest and has a temperate climate. So why not to help the city to get into the Guinness Book of Records and receive a great opportunity to win a trip to the Czech Republic?
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