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Top five the most typical questions

  1. How and where is it possible to receive the form and example of a filled out questionnaire?
     - You can get a visa application form at your workplace with the photo. And at the office by the address Centralna ploshcha, 3 ("Люкс", І floor), also on the website madeinslavutych.org and at office "Made in Slavutych" (Druzhby narodiv, 7).
  2. How can housewives and elderly people get the visa application?
     - We will organize team of volunteers, which work directly with housewives and elderly people. Our volunteers will carry visa applications and will help to fill them out correctly.
  3. Can the person who won the trip, but doesn’t want to go to the Czech Republic (as he or she just wanted to help the city get into the Guinness Book of Record), regift it to someone?
     - Yes, of course, it will be possible. But who will miss an opportunity to go to the Czech Republic?
  4. If I can not visit the City Day(03.06.2017), how can I apply?
     - If for some reason you can not come to the celebration of the City Day and apply for a visa, you can do this in some different ways, for example:
           a) send the signed and executed application by to your friends;
           b) earlier by to our volunteers in the office Made in Slavutych;
           c) bring it to 3 Central Square ("Lux" 1 floor).
  5. What for? I won't win, anyway.
     - Everyone has a chance to win.
     - Remember, the more applications submitted, the more chances to win a trip to the Czech Republic. But most importantly, you have a chance and an excellent opportunity to help your city to get into the Guinness Book of Records and give Slavutych a lot of positive emotions and much more.
Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)