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Czech artist + Ukrainian city = Guinness World Records

In January 2015 Czech social artist Kateřina Šedá first time ever visited Ukraine and Slavutych city , where she was invited to create a project , cooperating with local inhabitants. At that time she could not give any clear response to the questions : “What exactly and When she was planning to do in Slavutych. (http://www.korydor.in.ua/ua/ideas/1355.html) But even at that time Ukrainian audience was able to see how unusual and inspired her ideas were. She tends to unite people with the help of things which usually disunite them (http://m.day.kyiv.ua/uk/article/cuspilstvo/obyednaty-lyudey-na-osnovi-togo-shcho-yih-rozyednuye)as well as to inspire the latest to do something that makes them a bit happier. You can find more information about Katerzhina’s projects on her personal page: katerinaseda.cz.
Since the artist visited the city many times and her ideas and the project’s concepts were changed , but one of its main stages will be fulfilled as late as these weekends. The main purpose is to help Slavutych be a part of Guinness World Records and it may give it new opportunities as well as find a way to future despite of the fact the future is closely connected with the past ,namely Chornobyl accident. (http://tyzhden.ua/Culture/175492)To find out which record can unite the inhabitants , Kateřina provided a competition for the best Record alternative which Ilia Makarov won (http://artukraine.com.ua/a/made-in-slavutych-socialni-eksperimenti-katerzhini-shedi/#.WS13E333ifs).
But the final Record version was put together in wider sense. Slavutych inhabitants have to apply for the biggest collective Schengen visa application, that will show the irrationality of the procedure which restricts the freedom of travel and self-expression. You can find more information about the project “Made in Slavutych” on its personal page: http://madeinslavutych.org/. The idea with visas and difficulty with the receiving is important not only for a young city of Slavutych , which can develop itself due to cooperation with foreign organizations and cities. According to the latest events round the non-visa system for Ukraine , it’s the question which all Ukrainians are concerned about. Since the visa free system is just a top of the icberg. It is necessary to have a biometric passport to travel according to non-visa program, but the passport system doesn’t work to fulfill all the clients applications. It is important to have money to travel , but also to be able to show ourselves in fine fashion, not as feeble, hopeless, potential migrants. The second part of the Kateřina’s project tells about this situation , as each hundredth visa applicant will really have an opportunity to travel to Czech Republic and introduce itself on a Brno mayor social function. Brno is the second main city of the country.
Kateřina Šedá is having a role of a leader in her projects, however, it is society in the place where she works, that is one to express and demonstrate itself through collaboration. Can Ukrainians unite to achieve a common goal? Are they able to work together for their own future image? Those are well-known questions, that we have been trying to tackle on the different levels recently, and those that are being shown again and again with a help of the projects of czech artist. Follow the developent of the project- 3 June is a Slavutich city Day and ukrainians will try to get into the Guiness list.
Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)