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Slavutych is the youngest town of Ukraine. The decision about its construction was taken in 1986, after the catastrophe at Chornobyl nuclear power station. The town officially exists since 1987, i.e. it will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.
The town of Slavutych was built in 1986, shortly after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It became home to those who had worked at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and to their families.
The first inhabitants were evacuated from the abandoned city of Pripyat. ‘Slavutych’ is based on the Old Slavic name of the nearby Dnieper River.
The city’s economic and social situation is still heavily influenced by the power plant and other installations in the Chernobyl area.
When the power plant’s remaining units were shut down in 2001, Slavutych was faced with significant social problems and an uncertain future. The number of jobs provided by the plant dropped from 9,000 to 3,000, which would cover all necessary monitoring and maintenance, leaving 85 % of the city’s budget to be funded by the plant’s operator. In order to support the local economy (the establishing of new companies), Slavutych was declared a Special Economic Zone; in addition, a number of vocational re-training programmes have been provided by the government in an attempt to aid those who have lost their jobs in finding employment. Despite these efforts, about 1,500 people have left the city already, a trend which is predicted to continue for the foreseeable future.
The city’s infrastructure and public facilities are mostly funded by the company which had operated the Chernobyl nuclear plant.
Slavutych is connected to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone by rails.
Many of the residents still work in the region’s energy industry.
Slavutych is the youngest town in today’s Ukraine. The exceptional conditions of its construction influenced the ideas and the process of realization of the project of a new town. Teams of experts from 8 Soviet republics participated in the construction process, they used the best regional projects of residential and municipal buildings, which gave each of the 13 blocks national style. Slavutych embodies unique, ecologically stable and convenient for living architecture, it is a cozy home for its residents and a special place for quest from all around the world.
The total number of its population is 25 thousand people, the average age is 37 years. Most people in Slavutych work at Chornobyl nuclear power station and enterprises of the zone of alienation. As a result of the closure of CNPS, the town is gradually restructuring its economy and looking for a new identity that will not be affected by the catastrophe from years ago. The special economic zone “Slavutych” is still functioning, various projects are being realized. There are a lot of children and youngsters in the town, so education and upbringing are in focus here.
The municipal community focuses its attention on the development of culture and creativity, which creates possibilities for social, economical and stable development. Having a unique historical, urban and architectural context, Slavutych aspires to become a new cultural and touristic pin on the world map. Since 2014, the town has been holding the “86” International Cinema Festival that motivates creating new projects and initiatives in the town.
One of its main festivals is the Day of the Town (first Saturday of June). The celebrations will be held on June 1-4 this year. According to an old tradition, the deputies of the town council, pupils, students, veterans and public organizations will march through the town. There will also be concerts, exhibitions, cultural events,. A big part of the cultural program will take place in the town’s park, where usually activities for children, adults and sport events are held. Some citizens will be awarded with the “For personal contribution to the development of the town” award in the great hall of the municipal council, and talented youngsters will also receive rewards in the central square. This year, three new festivals are planned – the Festival of Ice Cream, the Festival of Food and the Festival of Beer.
Day of the Town 1989 - 1995
Day of the Town 2012 - 2015
Made in Slavutych office: Prospekt Druzhby Narodiv, 7 («Energya» Building, 3rd floor)